Dear Valued Member,

I hope this memo finds you well. We truly appreciate your patronage with Pedal Lab and your support for our instructors.  It has been a humbling journey where our team has grown and experienced many learnings. We ask you review and adhere to the following policies to make everyone’s experience inside The Lab an enjoyable one.

  • Class Cancellation: Cancellations must happen 3 hours prior to class.
    • Any class pack member who cancels inside the 3-hour window before class will forfeit their credit.
    • Any unlimited members who cancels inside the 3-hour window before class will be charged $10 to their account.
  • Waitlist: Although we will do our best to communicate to you, each rider on the waitlist is responsible to monitor whether or not he/she made it into class. The *Class Cancelation policy applies to waitlisted riders who are added to the class.
  • First Time Riders: All first-time riders are asked to arrive in The Lab at least 15 minutes prior to your class for bike fitting and a basic safety orientation.
  • Late Arrival: A one song grace period is permissible however we ask this to be the exception and plan on arriving to class on time. Please wait until after the first song ends to make your way to your bike.
  • Early Departure: If you have an emergency, exit your bike and make your way out of The Lab. Please wait for a song break for non-emergencies.
  • Phones: Cubby cabinets are located inside each studio. Personal belongings are to be placed in the cubbies. Phones are generally not permitted on the bike unless designated as emergency use only.  Riders are responsible to inform the instructor prior to class that his/her phone is needed in case of emergency.
  • Watches: Please put watches/calorie counters to on dim or theater mode.
  • Conversations: Although we encourage class chirping and loud member to member encouragement, we ask you keep side bar chatting to a minimum.  This can distract new riders and riders engaged in demonstration from the instructors.
  • Photos/Videos: Photos and videos are not to be taken during class by riders. Pre and post class photos are encouraged.
  • Towel/Water: Please bring your own towel and water to class. Towels and water will be available for purchase in The Lab. A rider cannot participate in class without a towel for cleanliness and water for hydration.
  • Post Ride Clean Up: Each rider should expect his or her bike to be clean when they arrive. We ask each rider to use the paper towels and spray solution located in The Lab to clean up their bike and the flooring below at the completion of his/her ride. Please spray the towel, not the bike, and wipe the handlebars, weights, saddle, and all other areas where his/her sweat may be located.

Again, we appreciate your commitment to Pedal Lab, our instructors, and all who come to us for their fitness journey.  These rules are in place to make the rider experience special for all.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

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